Angora Goats

Goats available December 2016. All 2016 wethers have been sold. Please email us to be put on the waiting list for 2017 wethers!

Angora goats produce the fiber known as mohair and are shorn twice a yearly in the fall and spring. Mohair is famous for its strength, durability and shine. We raise both white (AAGBA registered) and colored (CAGBA registered) angora goats.. All our sale stock, with the exception of wethers are registered or recorded. Avillion angoras are typically in the range of 80 to 150 pounds at maturity and selected for fine fleeces, sound conformation and excellent mothering ability.

Name:Avillion Night Watch (buck) Price:300.00
Sire: TopKnot Luther (CAGBA, black)Dam: Avillion Morwenna (CAGBA, brown)
Description: Dark gray reverse badger, single, born 4/16/14, mix of recessive and dominant color genetics, CAGBA-registered

Name:Dairy Goat Doe Kid Price:150.00
Sire: "Maelita" (Alpine)Dam: "Merlin" (Netherland Dwarf)
Description: born March 2016, twin, naturally polled, mother is heavy milker

Name:Doe Kid 432 Price:275.00
Sire: DCN Rascal (tan)Dam: Avillion Verina (tri rev badger)
Description: white, born 3/3016, twin, recorded

Name:Doe Kid 442 Price:325.00
Sire: DCN Rascal (tan)Dam: Avillion Merryn (copper)
Description: copper brown with whit spot on side at birth, born 3/30/16, single, registered

Name:Dry Creek Naturals Rascal Price:400.00
Sire: DCN Legacy (medium copper red)Dam: DCN Snapshot (chocolate brown)
Description: Medium taupe in color, born 3/20/12, proven fertile, CAGBA-registered, produces colored kids when bred to both recessive and dominant color lines does

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