Angora Rabbits

New Rabbits added August 2016

Angora rabbits are long-haired or woolbearing rabbits, that are typically shorn four times per year. Angora fiber is fine, soft and ~8 times warmer than wool. At Avillion Farm we raise French Angoras, German Angoras (ruby-eyed white) and German Angora crossbreds (colored). French angoras are distinguished by having fur, rather than wool on their ears, face and feet. German angoras are bred to be commercial wool production rabbits and have wool on their ears, face and feet (furnishings) . Our rabbits are bred for sound conformation, calm temperaments, as well as excellent wool production and mothering ability.

In order to decide if an angora rabbit is right for you, please check out our basic handout (rabbit.pdf). There are additional breeds of angora rabbit that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). I have assembled a basic comparison chart of the ARBA-recognized breeds of rabbit (rabbitcomp.pdf). German angora rabbits are registered and recognized by a separate association, the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).

The main ways in which angora rabbits differ from other breeds of rabbit are in their need for regular shearing or combing (Groomrabbit.pdf) and in some aspects of their feeding (RabbitFeedAndWB.pdf). Please also check out our basic rabbit guarantee that outlines terms and conditions of sale (rabbitguarantee.pdf).

SOLD Avillion NC1-6.6.12 DOE
Name: SOLD Avillion NC1-6.6.12 DOE Price: 100.00
Category: rabbits Breed: French Angora
Sire: Avillion Blue Boy II (blue)Dam: Avillion Amber (chocolate)
Description: SALE PENDING Feb 2017 -lilac with blue-gray eyes, German crossbred doe, born 6/25/16

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