Shetland and Jacob Sheep

2016 lambs updated as of December 2016.

Shetland sheep originated in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. They are a small (ewes 75 to 90 lbs., rams 90 to 125 lbs.) sturdy breed of sheep belonging to the Northern European short-tailed group of breeds. There are 11 recognized colors ranging from white through brown to gray and black and over different 30 patterns of markings. One of the ways in which shetland sheep are unique in that the breed standard of the North American Shetland Sheep Breeders Association (NASSA) recognizes three different fleece types single, intermediate and dual coated. Shetland fleeces typically range between 3-6 lbs in weight. and and may have very short (2-3 inches) or long (8-10 inches) staple length.

I have a personal preference intermediate or single coated Shetland sheep since I like to blend my shetland wool with mohair from the goats and angora from the rabbits. All our sale sheep, with the exception of wethers (castrated males) are NASSA-registered.

Name:Ewe Lamb 374 Price:250.00
Sire: Underhill Waitonme (moorit gulmoget)Dam: Avillion Aurora (black)
Description: moorit gulmoget, born 3/21/16, single bith

Name:Ewe Lamb 389 Price:250.00
Sire: Rarefind Mojo RisinDam: Avillion Ceinwen (white)
Description: white with single black spot on rear and tan legs, born 3/7/16, single birth, single coat

Name:Ewe Lamb 410 Price:250.00
Sire: Underhill Waitonme (moorit gulmoget)Dam: Avillion Tansy (light moorit)
Description: moorit, born 3/13/16, twin, single coat

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